ADOPT has shown great accuracy in predicting the level and time of peak adoption of different types of new agricultural technologies. Here are some examples of the ADOPT model in action.

1 Use of autosteer GPS guidance in tractors

This example shows the innovation of GPS-guided autosteer on cropping machinery such as seeding, spraying and/or harvesting equipment in the population of Australian dryland grain growers. This technology became commercially available in 1998 and by 2012 was adopted by 77% of Australian grain growers. Later adoption has benefited from substantial cost reductions relative to the expensive models first released onto the market.

2 New perennial legume for low rainfall grazing

This example shows the innovation of using a new perennial legume species for grazing in low rainfall areas. The new perennial legume species has been found to be more drought tolerant than lucerne and able to grow on soils where lucerne has failed in the past. It has slightly less feed quality than lucerne but offers greater groundcover in summer to protect soils from erosion.